Outperforming for over four decades, across multiple geographic markets


For over four decades, across multiple geographic markets, Nakash Family has successfully grown its portfolio to emerge as one of the finest within the industry. Internationally recognized, our team's diverse experience has proven pivotal to our success. From spearheading new construction projects to creating value-added strategies for existing developments, we are prepared to meet any challenge. This experience allows us to intelligently choose the correct type of project, selecting an appropriate and beneficial match for each of our investors.

Part of success is being in the right place at the right time. Nakash Family Land Trust has a track record that reflects experience in recognizing opportunity. Our associates are trained to spot potential and take it from vision to reality. The firm excels at identifying emerging real estate markets, anticipating market cycles, predicting shifts in lifestyle and design trends, and pioneering the creation and implementation of leading-edge product and service innovations. We were one of few major developers to foresee the collapse of the real estate market, exiting in 2005 with all our assets secured.

The group has a long history of jumpstarting emerging neighborhoods with creatively conceived projects. Communities we have worked with include Miami’s South Beach and North Bay Village, New York’s Financial District, Detroit, Atlanta, Tel Aviv, Tiberias, and Jerusalem. The firm has also developed projects in well-established and highly desirable residential areas such as Florida's Gold Coast and Manhattan’s Upper East Side. 


Nakash Family is known for its ongoing commitment to innovation. Our extensive portfolio is built on a wide range of product types, including design-savy micro units, spacious signature residences. Relationships with complementary retail, hospitality, and food & beverage brands continually enable Nakash Family Land Trust to create market-leading mixed-use projects. At the same time, our group has the flexibility to work around market trends. 

We look forward to the challenge of completing many more exciting and successful projects for decades to come.



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